Mercedes Star Diagnose C4

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Automobile spare parts consumption will encounter problems in the process of using. The most obvious is the car tires, running on the road for a long time, the rubber will be more wear thin. Other parts of the car will also be worn over the long term. So, paying particular attention to the key of car maintenance. Cars, such as people, can be divided into three periods of life. Today, the small series to introduce to you is the car maintenance knowledge, hope for the majority of owners can be helpful.
Maintenance = longevity: the maintenance of the car of all ages
- 1-4: Adolescence
A car in the use of the first two years is the peak period of life, as long as the regular maintenance, basically there will be no problem, but more than two years of the car will begin to replace some of the most vulnerable parts of the.
Brake leather:
For two or three years, the car needs to be replaced with new brake pads. When a car repaired, we should first check the brake pads, because the brake pads is the driving safety of the first line of defense. According to experience, brake pads will probably be worn out in about two years, of course, the accurate use of the driver's habits have to depend on. If you are the kind of love on a lot of oil, and then slammed on the brakes in the key people, brake pads wear will be more powerful, life is short.
Fuel oil pump:
More than two years to open the car, the fuel pump is almost the same clean or replace the.
Shock absorber:
The car to three or four years time, running up may not be so smooth new car, encountered such a situation, should check the car's vibration damper. The shock absorber is designed to reduce the vibration of the car, it is a part of the suspension system, if the damper spring is no longer flexible, when high speed travel will shake badly, rainy day is particularly dangerous.
- 4-7: the middle age
At this time the car is like people to middle age, a lot of things are loose, including a variety of rubber tube inside the car, the car under the cover of the problem, etc.. Many owners are often in the car when the beginning of four or five years of change, there are some second-hand car buyers love to buy this car old car.
Timing belt:
The 4 years of the car should pay attention to the timing belt is not changed, the general car to 100 thousand kilometers when driving in 70 thousand, should be sent to Cambell, if not timely replacement, the car driving to a sudden break if the belt is halfway, have to pay maintenance fees to a few hundred yuan.
Rubber tube:
This car age of the car, such as maintenance is not good, the leakage of black oil, water leakage problems will appear. This is very natural, rubber tubes used, there will always be aging problem. If the owner of the car maintenance is good, the problem of aging will appear later.
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